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Kippax v Saxton

2nd May 2009

Kippax Welfare A 172/7, Saxton A 173/9 - Saxton A won by 1 wicket.


Following last weeks excitingly close finish, Saxton were looking to end the game in a much more convincing fashion, however, this was not to be. Saxton knew Kippax would put up a decent side as they had already won 2 of their previous matches. Therefore, without paceman Chris "The dark horse" Atkinson and Snowy "the snowman" Snowdon, the bowlers knew they would have to be on top form to keep Kippax down to a low total.

Hannah and Jon opened the bowling for Saxton and they were very efficient, yet they did not want to take a wicket too early as they thought Kippax would need a chance. The Young Gaffer then turned to King Louis and Stuart Brown, again, both bowlers were efficient but a wicket didn't come until Harry took a fantastic catch off Stuarts full toss bowling. The Kippax batsmen were suicidal, and following 2 run outs (one from a direct hit from Jon and another from the young gaffer) and a wicket from the pinch hitter (proving he can get a wicket without the legendary double bouncer), Saxton were on top.

They were able to keep Kippax down to 167 - 7, however they could not keep the scorebook down as we suspect some money changed hands to increase Kippax's score to 172 - 7.

After tea, (with the first team watching on to increase pressure) the master and Harey strode out to the wicket, determined to make a good start, however the master was taken by surprise when a Kippax fielder caught him at mid on spectacularly for 9 runs. Alex Hare made a solid 33 and was dismissed by a cracking pacy inswinging yorker (so he says). Good batting from both Ian and Nige, 31 and 25 respectively, meant the Saxton dream looked to be alive. Yet when they were dismissed, the attention turned to the match entertainment, provided in the form of 2 half naked "wrestlers". Jamie Barratt was looking on longingly, yet he had not taken his pre-match protein shakes and therefore declined the offer to go join in.

Hannah hit an incredible 7 runs off 1 ball and some team inspired umpiring from Bob meant that the Saxton crowds had things to cheer about. Yet, the hero of the match was still to come, Alan "The tiger" Tyson walked in and Saxton still needed 22 runs with just the 1 wicket remaining! Alan and Jon clawed their way to the 173 mark, although a massive edge from Alan meant that Ian's heart rate had peaked at 200, Nige couldn't watch, Matt's hands were on his head and Harry was praying for rain/thunder/lightening or all 3. But, there was no need, Alan played a beautiful drive to take Saxtons score to 173 and he has guaranteed his name would be written in Saxton folklore for a long time to come.

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