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Saxton v Whixley

9th May 2009

Saxton 101 all out, Whixley 102/3 - Whixley won by 7 wickets..

Windy conditions met both sides. The old men of Whixley (average age 41) v the Saxton Youngsters (plus Bucky, Crampo + Skipper). Two new faces in the Saxton line up......new signing Nick Sowerby (Smokie) and the returning Iftikar Asghar (Ifti).
Whixley chose to bowl first. With tea-boy ( aka BJS ???) away on his hols it was left to skipper to open with Bucky. Whixley opened the bowling with George Clooney and a bloke out of the Wurzels. The wicket had a bit more life than usual and Clooney managed to get a bit of lift out of it. Bucky was bowled round his legs in the third over meaning the newly promoted Harry was in at number 3 still showing signs of three consecutive nights in the Greyhound. A few quick singles and the odd three soon started to sweat it out of him. Skip took a liking to Clooneys pitched up bowling taking 16 off one over...possibly a few too many as this forced a change in the bowling. Pat (whos not a postman) came into the attack and promptly did for Skipper and Pieter-fan. Len entered the proceedings and made a swift 16, whilst waiting to bat Smokie began his chain smoking....good job Harry was bowled by Wurzel when he was other wise he'd have started on a 2nd pack. Wickets continued to fall only Young Coe showed any real application with a solid 8 not out.
101 on the board meant early wickets were required. Crampo aimed to carry on from the previous weeks demolition of Kippax. He forced and edge from Pat but skipper let the chance through his fingers. Two overs later another chance this time from the Aussie.....skip made no mistake this time not bothering to use hands taking it on the 3rd attempt in his jumper (must have been the cold weather). Young Coe then forced an edge from the number 3 which was very well taken by Smokie.....23 for 2.....game on.
Oringe dropped Pat with the score on about 30 then the rain intervened...proper rain.....after a 30 minute break the sides returned but a wet ball meant there was no swing. Whixley were made to work for their runs eventually knocking it off in the 34th over. Pat ended up 58 not out...... having tempted another drop out of Crampo. The only other wicket was when Skip got an lbw "with his straight one"
Words of wisdom.......
1. "You've got to bat all your overs"  - Will Kemp
2. "On a positive note at least you've now got a keeper"  - John Snowdon
3. "That bloody first team" - Pete Snowdon
Harm-Jan's Yellow Van.....standing in for BJS.



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