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Saxton A v Sherburn A

23rd May 2009
Sherburn Eversley A 156 all out, Saxton A 76 all out - Sherburn Eversley A won by 84 runs


This was the big one. Both teams undefeated, a local derby and new shirts from Arthur D.

The young gaffer won the toss and decided to bowl first, given the previous heroic run chases this season. It was hard work. An early wicket from Boysey, caught by the irrepressible Jamie behind the stumps, but then a series of dropped catches - you know who you are lads - let the Sherburn pensioners steadily rack up the runs. The YG replaced Stu (getting more consistent every game - shame really, the full tosses were getting him wickets earlier in the season) and positioned the field for the big catches off his dibblie-dobblies. Yet again not a one went near, though he kept the run-rate down and clean bowled two, including the Sherburn opener and Captain, Geoff 'Testmatch Umpire' Knaggs. But Pete Beale, ex-Saxton 2nd team captain, was showing the Saxton youngsters how to do it - stop the good ball, smack the bad ball, eventually making 38.

Change of plan then. Being short of bowlers, the YG brought on Wraggy, Tyson and Arthur D in quick succession. Lo and behold, it worked, with Wragg and Tyson taking 3 each and Arthur D not maiming anyone. Last ball of the 45th over and a typical tail-end mix-up runout for the 10th wicket and 156 runs. Third highest scorer for Sherburn was that man Extras, including a remarkable 20 wides. Sherburn umpires haven't yet learned that there are different rules for leg-side wides in the 6th Division. 'It's not a Test-match' muttered one disgruntled bowler.

But nevermind, 156 didn't seem too hard a target, so after a Jane D special tea, out strode the Old Master and his surprise (and surprised) partner, Jamie (who looks like someone off a kid's show) Baxter. About two overs later it all started to go horribly wrong.Some excellent Sherburn bowling produced a top-end collapse to rival last weeks, but without the middle order buttress. The GW kept his head down to top-score with 14. Says it all really, though Jonny Snowden and Hobbling Gilbo did try to steady things up a bit, Gilbo eventually seeing out the innings on 13.

76 all out - no excuses, Sherburn were just a bit better in a few aspects of the game - like batting, bowling and fielding. Who wants promotion anyway.

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