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Saxton v Oulton

13th June 2009

Saxton 116 all out v Oulton 119/4 - Oulton won by 6 wickets.


'A sense of deja vu was in the air as 1.20pm fast approached and only 4 home team players had made there way to the ground, including Gareth in a pair of Chino's last seen sometime in 1987, a near bancrupt Smokey on tea duty, and Chris looking fresh from his early night.............. in eager anticipation of the home game against Oulton. A late change saw the Skipper having to fill in for Mr Potter who was doing his best impression of Tom Hanks in 'The Terminal' at Tenerife Airport.

Luckily a few more arrived to witness the luckless captain lose the toss and once again Saxton were inserted and asked to set a score in warm, humid conditions. The game started badly with Gareth's middle stump removed early after a somewhat ambitious attempt to pull a yorker, much to the disappointment of his watching grandson, and proceeded to go downhill from there. Wickets continued to tumble, with only Jamie B making it into the 20's with some classical cricket shots. Some credit must go to the visitors as difficult as it is to praise a side with the on-field etiquette of lagered up cavemen, who produced some excellent, tight fielding, including 2 direct hits to remove the elder statesmen (Dave's), to restrict Saxton's efforts. Luck wasn't with the home side either with Chris losing his wicket to a ball that killed a passing worm on its way to the stumps.

The skipper and Smokey provided a bit of respite in the middle, with Mr Hills getting into the 20's and tea boy 40 odd, including one exquisite late cut, mistaken by everyone else in the Sherburn area for an edge through slips. Unfortunately, both fell in quick succession, followed by the recently arrived Ifti who padded up to the oppostion spinner's 'straight one'. Rory and the returning Adeel managed to take the score to 116 with a last wicket stand, but for the second week in a row the home side had not managed to post a challenging target in good batting conditions. It must be said that the score could have been 10 runs either way though as our 'new' scorer Mr Lennox was far too busy competing with Jamie as to who had the better pectorals, and explaining his reasons for sending the skipper a text message saying 'your amazing' earlier in the week, to fully concentrate on what was going on on the field.

After consuming the £10 quiches and watching Smokey's lame attempts to be a tea lady, Saxton took the field knowing they needed early wickets to be in with any kind of chance of winning the game. At 29-2 after 10 overs, with a wicket a piece from Rory and the ever impressive king of the swingers DC they were in with an outside chance. Unfortunately, the home side were never really able to capitilise on this, despite the best efforts of Adeel and Dave 'Mendis' Buck, who took 2 wickets, thanks to a well judged catch from Ifti, and a stumping, despite the wicketkeeper's best attempts to once again take the ball before it passed the stumps, in an impressive spell of slow bowling.

Not to be for Saxton, but everyone knew it would be a hard season, and the team spirit and confidence remain as strong as ever. Two big games coming up in the next 2 weeks, and time to forget the last fortnight and start again. Every team loses, but its how they bounce back that counts.

Roll on Saturday at Old Leo's.....'

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