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Match Report

1st May 2010

Whixley (1) v Saxton (6)
Saxton won by 40 runs
Saxton 207/8 
Whixley 167 all out 

After the disappointment of last weeks defeat and still no points on the board the first team had a big game ahead of them at Whixley.

We all managed to find the ground and Jamie Winter was that pleased he found it that he rang the Skipper just to tell him he had arrived which was surprising after last week because nobody had put him on suicide watch. Despite the cold weather and the rain everyone was in good spirits with Rory losing his v........ still the major topic, which surprisingly isn't wearing thin yet.

To the cricket and Saxton were missing some key players. Duncan was still in the kennels, Steve Hutton was working away and the Wookie was in Prague. I will let you draw your own conclusions what he is getting up to. However Saxton welcomed back Mohammed and the 'in form' Matt Ball. Also Matt Lennox came long for team banter, eating and going to the pub at half time. After winning the toss last week normal service was resumed with the Skipper losing the toss and put into bat. With the Wookie in Prague, who was going to open the batting with Steve Harrison? Up steps Harry Fletcher. After he manged to stop shaking, he made a very impressive start until played all round a straight one, Harriers and Winter were soon to follow, Harriers chipping to mid on and Winter edging behind, so as usual Saxton were 3 down with only 10 overs on the board.

Enter the Skipper and Matt Ball who put on an impressive partnership of over 60, including one over Matt Ball put away for 20. The future Oringe's stylish innings came to an end 9 short of his 50 and Steve Hills' innings came to an end 10 short of his 50, mis-timing a pull shot to mid-on. However this partnership had steered Saxton into a strong position. The strong partnership from last week of Coe and Potter was not as successful with Rory hitting a beautiful pull shot straight to square leg. John Potter and Dave Crampton put on a reasonable partnership before JP was caught behind with 5 overs left. Saxton were 20 runs short of 200 and in came Smokey who hit some monster 6s, made a very quick 34 not out and wasn't caught at long-on for a change. Dave Crampton made 20 odd and Chris Borrowdale making a sly bid for averages with another not out. Saxton had posted a very competitive 207.

After a lovely tea Saxton were feeling good about bowling the Whixley batsman out. However a technically very good Pat had other ideas and set about the Saxton bowling with a fair amount of luck off Rory Coe as he edged to first slip. A diving Steve Hills got a hand to it but couldn't hold on. The other opening batsman struggled earlier on but hit a beautiful straight drive for 6 and then the comment of the day followed when Rory Coe shouted out that it was only a slog, it narrowly beat Jamies comment "there is nothing wrong with dogging". Things then went from bad to worse for the fielding as there were more dropped catches and some of them weren't hard even in the testing conditions.

Drinks-break fast approaching and Whixley were 98 for 0 and looking like they will chase down the runs, but up steps Mohammed on his first apperance of the season and removes the opener with a drive ball and caught behind by Nick. In the same over Mo struck again and surprisingly, Rory Coe took a good diving catch at square leg, so Saxton on the rise just before the drinks break. After the drinks break, Pat got another life as CK dropped him, which seemed to be the story of the day. However, Fireball took a brilliant catch at long off for Harry Fletcher's first wicket. Then the important wicket, Pat, fell to a pie by JP and catch by safe-as-houses Crampo. It was a very good innings, but unfortunately Pat didn't have the support from the rest of the top order and now Saxton had a strong foothold in the game. Potter then struck again and got a thick edge straight to Oringe who took a low catch round his ankles. The Skipper then fell next to another pie, this time from Fletch and Steve Harrison took a good catch at deep mid wicket. Their number 6 batsman held up a good resistance, but Potter got his 3rd with an awful slower ball that the number 6 picked out Jamie Winter at long off. However Jamie definitely filled his pants as the ball was travelling towards him. The next few batsman fell for little runs with Fletch getting one and Potter getting the last two and completing a five wicket haul.

All in all a brilliant day for Saxton gaining 6 points and more importantly 20 quid worth of fines for the end of season night out which now could fund the Wookie to Amsterdam. Back to the Greyhound now where Dave Buck (Saxton 2nds number 8) was now well oiled when we got there.

Its now a time for Saxton to build on this win with another 6 points against Crossgates next week.


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