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Match Report

22nd May 2010

Saxton (1) v Bramhope (6)
Bramhope won by 2 wickets
Saxton 182 all out
Bramhope 183/8

Saxton, Saturday afternoon, 1:25pm and the 7 players who had actually managed to find their home ground saw this as yet another opportunity to add to the ever growing fines list by punishing their team mates, for one player (Oringe) it was particularly severe with him being responsible foe the hold up of messers Fletcher and Coe, the other late being Harrison who had been sunning himself in the bunkers of Scarthingwell.

Team news and no Iron gloves behind the stumps which meant the disabled Wookie got to show off his own keeping skills. A poor few weeks cost the Ginger Wonder and he was down in the 2nd team along with Alex Hare, which meant in minced Captain Calamity back from gay pride weekend, KP who was back from the world T20 and the King of Fines, Stevie Hutton.
The captain having had lots of tossing practice with his week off surprisingly won and elected to bat on the warmest day of the year, on a hard yet dusty track. Late arrivals meant KP opened with the Wookie, however Wookie continued where he left off last week, being dismissed in the first over again, cutting a pie straight to cover, duck and out to pie = expensive! Oringe made a surprise appearence at 3, and despite cutting for 4 first ball fell soon after when he was caught behind off the other opening bowler. Winter played a few nice drives while batting with Hills, however after striking three successive boundaries, he clearly felt his pecks had warmed up, swiped at a 4th and was bowled middle peg (22). Harrison in at 5 didn't last either and he was duly followed back to the pavilion by the other two Steves. Hills made 20 or so, before sweeping the spinner and being castled, and Hutton out LBW out cheaply,  but did avoid a fine, poor team effort that! Saxton had now reached 70-6 afer 17 overs, not too bad a run rate but wickets costing, looked like it could be an early finish.
Never fear Vice captain Potts then lead a disciplined partnership with Rory, the pair batted sensibly against the opposition spinners, who did actually turn the ball and bowled some beauties that at times mystified both batsmen. The run rate slowed slightly but each player was able to dispatch a number of boundaries off the loose ball that was often offered once an over. Both made it to drinks in the 30th over despite each sweating as if they had just completed an iron man contest, Potter then thought about attacking but it didn't work when he hit a full toss straight to mid on, departing for 27, Coe's innings then concluded in the next over, having lost his motivator, he was bowled playing round a straight one having made 31. 142-7 9 overs left. 160 a good score, seeing out the overs more important. Harry was fined again though when he made a duck which left the two twins at the crease, Crampton and Hawkins. the pair batted superbly, despite lack of running the ball was flayed to the rope by both, the innings ending in the last over D.C caught at long on having made 23.
So 182 was defendable against a Bramhope side who looked like a batch of red balloons having toiled away in the heat. KP's teas went down well with all enjoying, as usual Hutton was first in the qeue for his usual treats courtesy of Mr Kipling. Out back in to the Sahara for the 2nd innings, which was delayed slightly due to Laura attracting some major attention from the League's newest umpiring recruit, a ginger haired 17 year old, who clearly thinks his new profession will attract some new female companionship. Play about to begin when yet again a hold up, young Coe's female entourage choosing to walk nonchalantly behind the bowlers arm in no particular rush to regain their seats.
Tight openings from the twins meant Bramhope lost a few early wickets due to the build up of pressure, it was however not to be the story for the remainder of the innings with the batsman all playing their bit, wickets did fall, but only after partnerships had been built. Hills and Fletcher both bowled well to restrict running, and some good catching by Crampo, Coe and Harrison brought about another 3 wickets. Suddenly it was a tight game, Potter came on and was able to snaffle a couple of wickets near the end, and D.C returned with 3 overs left, the opposition needing 16 from 18 balls. Potter bowled a superb 44th over allowing just 3 from it which meant 5 remained from the final over. A single first ball got the danger man off strike and so the field all moved in to crowd the number 10 batsman. Not phased by the pressure he played a terrific shot splitting square leg and mid wicket and the ball raced away for 4!
So it seemed the story of last year had come back to haunt Saxton, a close game that we just weren't quite able to get over the line in, eventually they will turn our way though, all it needs is a bit of luck!

Down to the pub for a sorrowful pint, however the return of the 2nd team did bring some good news, where Dave Buck had led them to victory with an unbeaten hundred, back in the first team next week?


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