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Match Report

5th June 2010

Saxton (0) v Leeds Police A (6)
Leeds Police A won by 9 wickets
Saxton 154 all out
Leeds Police A 155/1

After a week off due to the weather, Saxton returned to action with a home game against mid table rivals Leeds Police 'A', in what was an important game with both sides on similar points in the League Table. It had all the makings of a close, tight, but emminently winnable game. Or it should have had.
The fact we were sat outside the Greyhound at 5.43pm tells you that it wasnt.
The day started positively enough with Steve Harrison adding to the fines pot before the team actually stepped on the pitch. Credit must go to Steve, or Claire, or maybe Mrs Harrison though for a very nice spread indeed.
Once again the toss was a formality and Saxton were surprisingly asked to make first use of a good looking track, on a rather warm and humid day. Everyone seemed happy with the outcome, especially the Wookie who had earlier had  his first net since 1996 (and has had more wives since) and the watching Oliver Reed, sorry Lennox (pictured below), happily taking up the role of Club Package Holiday Thug with several cans of Lager with him, and boasts of how he'd spent the last 14 nights in the Thin Dog.
For the first 5 overs Saxton looked very competitive, with the Wookie, complete with a week's worth of Moustache (pictured below) after surviving the first over for the first time since 1996 playing some aggressive strokes, and Oringe looking very solid and compact at the other end. 25-0 and all good. 8 overs later and 40 for 3 and not so good, with Gareth departing first, caught at Gully by the fielder who was meant to be at Point, courtesy of the shot he 'wasnt going to play', followed by Jamie despite a positive start, and Steve Harrison, victim of yet another very dubious LBW decision. Worse was soon to follow with Oringe beaten all ends up by good delivery from the pacy first change bowler, for a well made 20 (although possibly more depending on which book you were looking at), and then the on form Skipper caught and bowled mistiming a pull shot. When Potter went soon after to the Left Arm Spinner the innings was in tatters.
The only bright spot being a very mature (I never thought that word would be used when describing him) and classy knock from Rory who showed both belligerance and an array of excellent shots to give the home time a fighting chance of getting up towards a competitive total. Something which was also helped by a rather large number of byes, although this is somewhat understandable considering the Police stand in keeper was using Smokey's gloves. Both DC and Smokey managed to stay around to support Rory, although neither really able to substantially trouble the scorers, with Smokey even managing to be dropped 5 times in the space of 2 balls before departing. Despite an excellent last wicket partnership between young Coe and the oversized Beagle, including a stunning whipped 6 from the later, even more so considering his eyes were shut at the point of impact, Saxton limped to 155 all out, with Rory getting a well deserved round of applause for finishing unbeaten on 38. 80-100 runs short overall on an excellent pitch.
10 minutes later he was able to provide more entertainment too, after telling everyone around, including his own father, about finding the remnants of his previous night's supper' stuck to his tongue when he woke up that morning. Most people might have Crisps, Chocolate, Horlicks even before bed......not Rory (the photo below taken earlier in the day).
See full size image
The second innings doesnt really need or deserve much being said. Well unless you play for Leeds Police. Despite Hawkins removing one of the incredibly aggressive openers LBW relatively early, Saxton leaked runs at an alarming rate and never looked like competing, let alone winning. Something the Skipper sensed after around 10 overs, hence the decision to give an opportunity with the ball to a number of different people, including spin twins Oringe and Winter, both united by the love of the flippers. And the same woman. It was fitting that the winnings runs came off the first ball delivered by Gareth, courtesy of a 6 over long on which was surprisingly, although perhaps purposefully (and completely understandably) helped over the rope by the usually safe hands of DC. According to the bowler the batsman was beaten by the turn and grip, although this seems quite a diffcult a view to support considering it was hit on the full at waist height.
16 overs and the game was done. A terrible performance and a complete embarrassment. Losing is one thing but not competing and performing to somewhere near the best of your abilities is something different. Alot of hard work needed.
Still, there's always next week....and the chance for Saxton to redeem theirselves in advance of the evening at the Boot and Shoe. Lets make it a win to celebrate.....
Dont forget your fine money. I've just had the loan appproved.
Or your Moustaches.



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