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Match Report

Sat 5th June

Sherburn Eversley A (6) v Saxton A (0)
Sherburn Eversley A won by 8 wickets
Saxton A 112 all out
Sherburn Eversley A 118/2

Saxton U17s vs. Sherburn Pensioners Bingo and Cribbage club XI

This local derby was spearheaded by the fierce sporting relationship between the old couple Dave Buck and Geoff Knaggs (pictured below). Both arrived at the Sherburn ground eager to get the game underway.
The reason for Saxton’s loss was nothing to do with the fact that Naggsy used his free bus pass to attend the game, it was nothing to do with the fact that at least twelve of the cricketers present had come through the Buck Academy and it wasn’t the fact that the Sherburn team, to quote the wordsmith Jamie Barratt, didn’t possess the ‘decorum’ involved in 5th division Weatherby league cricket. It was the fact that the Saxton batted so poorly.

However, the aged deserve our charity once in a while, and Saxton obliged with a soggy sock of a performance.
After offering the young gaffer a Werther’s Original, Naggsy lost the coin toss, leaving Saxton to open the batting. 
The Saxton side were star-struck after seeing Naggsy take to the field, recognising him as the man from the Stannah stairlfts adverts, and it showed in their batting performance. The innings slumped to 50 odd for six and in desperate need of intervention. Sadly it never came and despite a battling last wicket partnership between Nige and Tiger Tyson, the Saxton innings slumped to 112.

However, the innings was long enough to allow the perfect opportunity for the Sherburn team to show their sporting spirit leading up to the young gaffer’s dismissal. After the Young gaffer didn’t walk, the Sherburn team descended like vultures upon the defiant skipper, Naggsy waggling his wrinkled finger like a man possessed by Beelzebub. The number of curse words used was only matched after Fletcher showed his annoyance at being dismissed for 1 later on in the innings.

The tea break was a moody affair with the pork pies supplied by Sherburn eaten in silent appreciation.
It is difficult to think of a more pleasant setting that Sherburn cricket pitch on a Saturday afternoon with its Frosty Jacks swigging spectators. The setting proved too much for King of the Swingers, Alex Hare, and he showed his displeasure in the form of countless full bungers designed to scalp the Sherburn openers but in reality resulted in a sudden end to his spell. Up stepped the first team failure ‘Ji Sung’ Fletcher who had much to prove and duly responded with some frightful bowling capping off his damp sponge of a second team appearance. The spinner’s performance was affected by the injuries picked up in a fight with the Ginger Wonder's massive best mate ‘Xing Lang’ the previous day. The fight was caught on camera.


 Tom Bradley turned out to be Sherburn’s hero smacking an impressive unbeaten seventy odd, seeing Sherburn home, despite the efforts of Steven ‘Rivaldo’ Wragg, going down clutching his face writhing in agony after the ball dribbled onto his knee.

So the message taken from the game is more runs required from more sensible batting.  A heavy defeat for Saxton, but the early defeat meant more time could be spent at the Greyhound. Every cloud and all that...


By Naggsy’s floppy hat

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