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Match Report

26th June 2010

Saxton A (6) v Rufforth A (1)
Saxton A won by 16 runs
Saxton A 148 all out
Rufforth A 132 all out

A lovely afternoon and an opposition containing more kids than the Saxton 2nds - unheard of. Especially off-putting for the senior's arrivals at 1.20 to find a complete Rufforth side out in the outfield practicing batting, bowling and fielding.

Anyway, the Young Gaffer went out to toss with the strict instruction that we wanted Rufforth to field in the early afternoon sunshine while Saxton lazed in the sun - kids with shirts off, the rather more elderly displaying a bit more discretion/taste/consideration. And he won - time for the tail-enders to replace lost fluids and sleep.

To summarise the batting display - indifferent on the whole. Ned Buck got off to a steady start (after losing the irrepressible Lennox in the second over - the usual big swipe and there goes the middle stump), the GW, Harry and Chris D all made it into the twenties but no further. Then came the collapse after around 25 overs and 90 runs - funnily enough at about the same time as a girl came on to bowl. How we laughed/cried. A last wicket stand from Nige and the Limping Tyson used up ten overs and took the total to near respectability with 148, but it was still a deflated Saxton side that went into the hut for tea.

And what a tea. Thanks Jane - June the 26th shall forever be remembered as Cake Day.

And so to the Saxton bowling.

First six overs - bloody awful - Rufforth 50 for 0, with only Jack getting anywhere near the stumps. But then on came Harry and the Young Gaffer to tighten things up. Wickets started to fall, the very lively track took spin and the run-rate was choked. An interesting decision went Rufforth's way which led to Matt L getting a dressing-down after some of his comments were overheard by the umpire. A less than chastened fielder then decided it was safer to question the YG's subsequent placement of him out on the boundary for the rest of the match. Wrong - first time Ian's ever been known to formally pull rank.

Then on came Ned Buck after the YG and continued the theme. Things were getting close, Rufforth 120 for 8 after 40 overs. Time for the Rufforth tail-enders to start swinging - but they didn't. They were however helped by some distinctly average fielding - Tyson, a bust knee is no excuse.

Then it all came clear - the home side had given an extra 5 overs to Rufforth by being bowled out in the 40th over.

The lack of batting aggression was partly offset by the umpire's rather strict interpretation of what constitutes a wide, leading to some harsh words and hard stares from Ned. There's a fine line between questioning an umpire's judgement and his integrity - Matt should have learnt that at the Buck Academy. Anyway, the last two wickets fell in the 44th and 46th overs, one deservedly to Jack and the last to Ned with Rufforth just 16 runs short.

So, a win and still second in Division 5. Not too many encouraging points to take forward. One bright point was made by Nige - by being bowled out in the 40th over, Saxton were able to bowl out Rufforth in the 46th, thereby gaining an extra point. You take solace wherever you can find it.

Another bright spot was the donation for sale towards the new pavilion (or end of season festivities) of a cricket bat by the Sherburn 2nds captain (the Beelzebub posessee). Apparently, it's too heavy for him now he's getting on a bit. The middle is unmarked but the top edge is a bit battered. Details to follow on the News page.

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