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Match Report

10th July 2010

Kippax Welfare (6) v Saxton (0)
Kippax Welfare won by 4 wickets
Saxton 157 all out
Kippax Welfare 159/6

 A muggy cloudy Saturday and a bottom of the table clash at Kippax awaited Saxton as they rolled up to see the end of the Rugby League encounter which delayed the start by around 20 minutes. New faces included Scubba Steve Wragg and Harey, in replace of the injured iron gloves and KP absent on holiday, after the ECB decided to rest him ahead of the ashes. The hope for a few of the Saxton team, especially Harey having been told he would bat 4, was that Kippax's rapid opening bowler Zach was involved in the rugby match and had received a season ending injury.

When the game eventually began another person who no doubt would have shared the same view, if he had known what would have happened to him would have been Gareth! In the 3rd over after hitting a quite exquisite cover drive, a short ball was sent down at around the pace of the land speed record which Gareth ducked straight into, to the sound of an almighty crack. The whole ground was stunned and a great amount of concern entered the Saxton players heads, hoping that Butts would be ok. After attention from the Rugby physio, and a delay of around 15 mins, Gareth was lead from the field to an ambulance, and shipped off to hospital, where it was later dicovered he had suffered 4 fractures, 2 to the eye socket and 2 to the jaw, ouch.

It was amazing anyone else wanted to bat, yet Mr Harrison seemed very keen to get out to the middle, though he later confessed this was actually to escape the smell of Alex's now browned y-fronts. The next 30 overs consisted of another poor Saxton display, the only bright spots being disciplined knocks of 28 and 15 from Hare and Harrison, and a late pinch-hitting 36 from DC to lift the Saxton score to 157 all out, only 32 overs used.

Tea was exciting, watching England capitulate to Bangladesh, and Scubba Steve piling up his plate in an attempt to rid the team of their thoughts that he suffers from anorexia, though 5 minutes later he was discovered throwing up in the toilet, so the diagnosis is now bulemia.

To cap off an all-round bad display Saxton set out bowling awfully, Rory especially, who seemed capable of bowling almost anything but a straight delivery. The late introduction of spinner Hills brought about a couple of wickets, Duncan grabbed one, Coe another, and also an easy run out which was well controlled by Harrison behind the stumps. So despite a late wobble and a hint of a comeback from Saxton they were never able to turn it around and went down by a couple of wickets, good batting especially from the Australian skipper of Kippax who hitted a chanceless 60 odd.

At the end of the encounter it was great to see some concern from all involved in the game for Gareth's condition. Zach who seemed to have been quite shaken up by the incident came and asked for Gareths number, as did Saxtons specialist umpire Richard, who we have had for the last 3 weeks, a possible minor excuse for 3 losses?

Onto next week and another very important clash with Whixley. Lets get it right lads and get the season back on track, do the double over Whixley and start a climb up the table.  

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