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Match Report

Sat 14th August 2010

Sicklinghall A (0) v Saxton A (6)
Saxton A won by 78 runs
Saxton A 228/6
Sicklinghall A 150 all out

After an awful lot of heavy showers over the preceding couple of days, the usual band of regulars and last-minute replacements mingled with the wedding party outside the Greyhound. We did draw some funny looks from the assembled suits, but 'casual elegance' was the effect we were going for - till Nige turned up in his vest.
Travelling to the Sicklinghall ground was a new experience for all, but the convoy made it, eventually. An immediate inspection of the wicket showed it wasn't as soggy as feared - they have covers - and the sun was out. The Young Gaffer tossed with the intention of bowling first on a soft wicket, then batting on a drier wicket. He lost the toss.
Eight overs in and it's Saxton 12 for 2 . Time for a revival then. Jamie W (apparently referred to as Pretty Jamie - or the 'ball-fondler' - as opposed to Fast Jamie amongst the SWAGs) on some R&R from the firsts played an increasingly confident innings until the inevitable big hoick to a fielder on the boundary and out for 32. Chris carried on in the same vein, but losing his partner, the dour and now hobbling opener, Buck Snr - retired with a pulled calf for 13 in the 28th over. Chris fell to another catch in the 30th over for 33, the total on 100 and it was time for a remarkable last 15 overs.
The GinjaNinja and YG put on a 93 partnership in what seemed like 5 minutes before Matt was caught for 54. Jamie B tried to emulate Matt but couldn't quite manage it and in came Hannah. The YG then hit 20 in the last two overs, hardly giving Hannah a look-in, nearly crippling himself and destroying his pads in his desperation to keep the strike.
So, a 228 total. Very impressive on what looked like anything but a batting track.
A happy crew had it's tea in now glorious sunshine and debated the timing of Crooksey Buck's retirement - as did the opposing team.
Opening the bowling, Hannah and Jamie W bowled well, but some easy dropped catches (calm down Dave) and very harsh lbw refusals meant their efforts were unrewarded. So, on came the YG with the total on about 50 for 0 after 14 overs and Sicklinghall right on track. Then it went rapidly wrong for the home team with the YG eventually ending up with 4 for 36 in 11 overs. Chris and Teef bowled somewhat erratically for no result and then in came Buck Snr for 3 overs and 2 for 2 - one stumping and one 'Amsterdam Heartstopper' catch from Tyson.
Four overs left, Sicklinghall on 140 for 6, not much chance of the extra point for Saxton, so on come the remaining four fielders yet to bowl - Wragg, Tyson, Ball and Gilbo. Three overs and 10 runs later with one wicket left, Nige bowls his first ball - big stride, swing, miss and stumped by Fast Jamie. Never before has such joy been seen on a bowlers face. It was getting quite football-like with lots of hugs and....
on to the Greyhound via a very snooty and expensive Sicklinghall pub.
Anyway, this win over the fourth placed team makes promotion ever more sure and with Sherburn losing, the game next week against Sherburn at home will probably decide the Div 5 title. 
PS There were two concerned fathers down the Greyhound later when Hannah and Laura announced their intentions of going on the 2011 Holland Tour.
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