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Match Report

Saxton A v Crossgates A

6 August 2011

Saxton A 44-4 (2)
Crossgates A 106 all out (2)
Match abandoned rain

A damp and breezy start at the Saxton Oval with 10 men (Tyson turning up 20 minutes late after being told on Friday they weren't that desperate), 6 of whom were badly in need of 24 hours solid sleep, against a remarkably early and chirpy Crossgates team. Maybe it was because Saxton were the only side they'd taken a point off all season and were looking to double it. As it turned out, they exceeded their expectations.

Crossgates batted first and got off to a solid start until at 61 for 1, their luck started to run out and 4 wickets fell in 3 overs to Dunc the Melon-Muncher and the Young Gaffer. After a full 12 overs from Dunc (4 for 42), on came the man 'groomed to be skipper', Harry, who promptly took a catch off his own slow full-toss. Unsurprisingly, Daddy Buck was seen shaking his head in disbelief at this outrageous luck after Hannah had earlier toiled away for no result. After this, the wickets came steadily and the Western Terrace and dogs were treated to the cameo appearance of Snowy - 2 for 5 in 2.2 overs - to wrap the innings up in the 33rd over for 106. A word of thanks to the Crossgates umpires who gave an unprecedented 3 lbws.

Out went the Saxton opening pair and back they came shortly after. More wickets fell between the rain interruptions with only Hannah looking like she knew what she was doing until, at 46 for 4 and with Fletch and Harey looking like they would knock the remainder off in the next half hour, another minor downpour halted play.  After the rain stopped, the captains and umpires decided to wait 30 minutes for the crease to dry out before resuming. At the appointed hour, the stalwart umpires inspected the wicket and declared 'it's fit to play' and left it to the captains. However they had reckoned without the determination of the Crossgate's skipper to seize an unexpected 2 points - either that or he's a very cautious H&S guy (The Kids, that's nothing to do with what you may have seen in Amsterdam). The Young Gaffer meekly agreed, hands were shaken, stumps were drawn and the rest of  both teams mildly expressed their surprise.

So, Division 5 beckons ever closer. On the plus side, at least they scored more than last week. 


The large loud guy on the Western Terrace and his dog.


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