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Match Report

Sat 29th June 2013

Divison 2

Church Fenton 160-5 (6) beat Saxton 158 all out (0)

'It was Stephen Wragg who probably best embodied the Nietzschean ideal of active forgetting, as to quote Nietzsche "the past returns as a ghost and disturbs the peace of a later moment", as Wragg played one of the most patient, mature and unforgiving knocks that Saxton are likely to face this year. For Saxton, it was a haunting reminder of the batting stability they seem to have lost and also of the holes left by Wragg and Coe (Tadcaster bound respectively), two of the strongest talents to come through the Saxton youth system, it is not that easy, every week to wish them well. And also the fact that Wragg has tried to poach every Tom Dick and Harry that does well for Saxton as he see's them as promotion candidates. Not with that bowling attack. Steve Parker-Harrison also turned up for Church Fenton. Thats about it.

A day of several sucker punches and startling reminders. The new league format means that now 5 teams will be relegated this year, and why they have not left this till the end of the season remains a hilarious issue of small time bureaucracy (im not scared: Sicklinghall may also have the choice to decide whether they want to go up or not, to either continue beating teams every week or losing to teams every week). Saxton were also realing from Thorner's match report, which chose to pick on unflattering aspects of a persons appearance, in the most unoriginal banter since time began.

If you're still with me readers, and are enjoying this education in grammar, engaging prose and tenuous allusions to philosophy that has been left to me this week then i would commend Harry Fletcher's batting performance. Fletcher is beginning to show the maturity that he shows in his music taste, steadying the ship after the usual Saxton batting collapse. After losing 3 wickets in the first 15 overs, Saxton crossed the line with a respectable 158, also thanks to some bludgeoning hits from Dan Hewer. Their mood was perked, especially after some promising signs in the pitch, when Church Fenton's opening bowler decided to switch from pace to spin, and thank heavens, because his seam up bowling was utter garbage. Where he found that rip in a pitch that was more dry mud than grass is one for Uri Geller to work out.

Saxton managed to take two quick Church Fenton wickets, the game slowly descended into a drawn out 5 wicket win for Fenton. Nothing went to hand, or stuck into hand for Saxton, and this derby of sorts became another disappointing week.

The season now has reached its half way mark. The fixtures start again. Lets be honest, we're not playing football and i'm not in the business of banal platitudes and cliches because cricket is a much more refined sport. Usually i am downbeat at the best of times, but lets forget the ills of the first half of the season. It is saturday cricket and that is all it will ever be, but for the sake of a small club with a massive pavilion, the fact of the matter is, winning is much more pleasant than losing. Everything is ruled by the most extreme possibility that you will live or die, and you might not die as a result of playing cricket, but at some point in your life you will die. You will not go to heaven, there is no better place, this is the best place you will ever be. Things get in the way of making this your perfect place, and on the cricket field that might be a bowler who is too quick for you, or a batsman who is too strong for you. Either way you must try and carve into the wood, the best you can, in a big tree that lots of other people are trying to etch their names on, and it can be hard, and you have to remember that around this miasma of saturday cricket, lots of other things in life take precedent.

My final and most important point : Where you can be the master of your own downfall, you can also be the master of your own success.

yes. we. can.

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