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Match Report

Sat 20th July 2013

Saxton 122 All Out Crossgates 125/3

Divison 2

From the sunny, blazing, tropical heats, to the overcast, grey doldrums: This could be a description of the weather, but could also be a description of Saxton's performance, and the lachrimose day had by all. Crossgates, established in 1899 according to the pavilion. A lot has happened since then; two world wars, and Crampo got a pilots license.

Saxton batted first. Ball and Bishop who looked like they were going to continue their opening form, sharing stands of 81 and 112 in the past two weeks, until they reached 39 when Ball looped one up to cover. This was the tightest bowling outfit probably played last year, with 4 very good, and very disciplined bowlers. Bishop worked hard for his 10 but when the second change came on, bowled extremely tight, Bishop's eyes lit up at a millimetre of width and edged one to the keeper. He fell too soon too early. Also helping the bowlers was a pitch imported from Pat Sharpe's Fun House. Comical slime, and novely hooters were the only things missing from some of the pitching balls.

Potter and Hills also got themselves in with starts, until Potter middled one to point, and then middled his helmet with his boot, whisking past Dan Hewer's head into the pavilion wall. From then on there was not much to add. It was missing the big score that had accompanied recent Saxton innings. It was a tough pitch with good bowlers, and 122 looked a competitive score.

Mid break fact: Cows have 4 stomachs
Mid break fact 2: If you cut Chris Dennison in half, you can determine his age by counting his rings.

Their opener, i have forgotten one of them since he didn't last long at all, but the other stuck around for a plucky 20. Number 3 and 4 took the game away from Saxton and the latter got a well earnt 50. This was partly due to some undisciplined bowling by Saxton. Run-ups were difficult and they just didn't use the pitch well enough. A rare day of pies from Hills and Crampton, which might have been an unconscious projection because of the lack sustenance at the break.

If Saxton could have got another wicket, it might have made things more interesting since their number 5 was playing out full tosses, and should feel very lucky to have got a red inker.

A casual and pensive post match pint was enjoyed at The Devon to the sound of deep house and techno. Bishop's lack of pre-match routine was called into question, and he will need to return to it next week, as a depleted Saxton side welcome Old Leo's to the Dennison Arena. Lovely ground.

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