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Match Report

Sat 3rd August 2013

Whixley 146 all out (1) (Steve Hills 4/30) lost to Saxton 153-9 (6)

Divison 2

A trip to deepest darkest Whixley awaited for Saxton as they looked to continue their impressive start to the second half of the season. Team news saw Alex Hare, Chris Johnston and Jake Hardman all drop out. In came Reverend Matt Ball, Alex Mook and Danny Walsh fresh out of rehab. The apocalyptic rain the night before meant the wicket was green, very green which promised to be hard to score. These early predictions to look to be wide of the mark as Matt Ball crashed the first ball of the game to the point boundary. After a cunning plan from the Whixley bowler of asking for sawdust, a distracted Ball chipped the very next ball straight to covers hands, Matt was left to spend the next 44 overs contemplating life without Gareth Bale. 2 balls later and his opening partner Bishop was back in the hut lbw to Whixleys overseas. Bishop whose record at Whixleys ground now reads played 2, scored 1 run off 5 balls . 8 balls of the innings gone Saxton 4-2 and already dreaming of an early return to the greyhound. 2 months ago that would have been the case but Saxton now are made of sterner stuff. Evidenced by the rebuilding job the captain and the vice-captain did. This was continued by reformed "keeper batsman" (urine sample pending) Jamie Baxter who made a fluent 42, contributions from Hewer who despite running DC out made a decent 20 and Dan Todd to help Saxton post a respectable 153-9. It's worth noting that Saxtons back were up against the wall from the start of the second innings as Jimmy Leonard was penalised for running down the wicket, after Alex Mook was warned and Whixley were 5-0 before a ball was bowled as a result.

Conversation during teas centred around Potters new employment leaving Danny Walsh as the only member of the team in the unemployed ranks, in fact Matt Ball was taking bets on who would be employed 1st Walsh or Young Gilbo.

So Saxton were up against it from the off the usual new ball pairing of Hewer and DC bowled tight to the Whixley openers without much reward. Then came the first flash DC got 1 to just shape away to Whixley danger man Pat, who may or may not be a postman, and appeared to take his edge. This was bagged by Hills at slip. Saxton celebrated and Pat even appeared to begin to walk until the umpire shook his head. This brought disbelief to the Saxton fielders and led to Steve Hills receiving a very stern word from the umpire. Saxton were fired up and Hewer producing a couple of close LBW shouts, which brought about strange response when he enquired as to why it wasn’t given "It was going down road".

The opener who played everything to leg was finally done when trying to play the ball to the other side for the first time and gave a return catch to the Saxton Buddha, who is rapidly becoming 1 of the most hated men in the Wetherby league. A point that was discussed at great length later in the innings.

The overseas came in at 3 and looked to up the rate from the word go punching down the ground when the length was fractionally full. Flash point 2 Hewer gets Pats edge Hills takes it Saxton celebrate, Pat questions if it carried umpire nods his head Saxton have their man. Potter replaced Dwayne Leverock then proceeded to find the edge of the number 4 however none of these edges found Saxton hands. The number 4 played a defensive shot then advised Potter he had paid for all the bat, only to edge the next ball to hands of Baxter. However Whixley looked comfortable until the overseas left 1 too many and Potter got 1 to jag back sharply and crash in to middle and off. This brought Whixleys keeper to the crease. The man who offered advice to every Saxton batter after every shot they played. Maybe he should of taken his own advise as he almost single handily sent the required run rate up to around 9 an over. Once he fell and the Baxter talked out the number 7 Saxton were probably in control for the 1st time in the game. Hills coming back to his old club and haunting them with a tight spell would finish with 4-30. But Whixley could bat all the way down and were doing enough to keep in touch until Hills drew a false shot from the dangerous Whitham which was calmly taken by DC in the deep. Dan Walsh claimed a wicket of a suspiciously high full toss, well I say suspiciously high the batter in question was only 4 foot 6. 4 overs to go saxton needed 2 wickets Whixley 30 runs. 1 wicket need Hills claims the young left hander trying to sweep and Baxter claiming the catch. A tight over from Hewer which almost boiled over after Hewer and the batter collided when Hewer was attempting to field the ball as the batsman was attempting a quick single. The batmen then told Hewer to come back when he was big enough despite the Dwayne Leverock being a foot taller and a foot wider than the batsman. Whixley were still in touch however and took singles from Hills last over until his last ball when the angry Whixley captain hit a much needed 6 for his team. Last over 8 needed flashbacks to last year when Whixley hit a 6 of the final ball to secure victory. Hewer to bowl the final over 1st ball the young who maturely dabbed a single to get the angry captain on strike. Hewer searches for a yorker doesn’t quite get it. The angry captain gets under it and targets the short boundary. But he doesn’t quite middle it. Matt Ball runs round takes a great catch. Saxton have won a close 1!!! Ball turns round finger to mouth to silence the thousands of Whixley fans (no one) Saxton celebrate a great victory. Only soured by the angry captain launching verbal abuse at Hewer when he went to shake his hand, which was heard by everyone but the umpire. A great team performance which all but ends any prospect of relegation and highlights the spirit in the team. It is worth pointing out that that was one of the best fielding performances of the season with the standards being set by young Jimmy Leonard who fielded like an absolute hero.

Local rivals Sherburn next week at the Dennison oval were its important we don’t throw away our recent good form.

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