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"Saxton Cricket Club AGM 2015 - Key decisions"

Senior Subscriptiosn - To stay same at £30
Senior Match Fees (excluding Ladies Game) - To stay at £10
Junior Subscriptions - To increase to £50 to include nets

Officers for 2015

Chairman - Nick Sowerby (tbc)
Secretary - Ian Cunningham
Treasurer - Alan Tyson
Charity Trustees - Gareth Bottomley / Alan Tyson / Chris Dennison
Pavilion Manager - Mike Dennison
Womens Secretary - Steph Robinson
Fixtures / Bookings Secretary - Steve Hills
Social Secretary - Simon Shacklady
Membership Secretary - Ian Cunningham
Junior Secretary - Prak Veerasamy
Juniors Admin - Sarah Birkby
Groundsmen - Nigel Gilbertson / Alan Tyson / Pete Snowdon
Junior Welfare Officer - Dave Buck
U13s Coach - Chris Dennison
U11s Coach - Prak Veerasamy
U9s Coach - TBC (subsequently Andy Jackson Tbc)
Village Ball organiser - Jane Dennison / Andy Shuter

Playing Captains and Vice-Captains

1st team Captain - Gareth Bottomley
1st team Vice Captain - Ian Cunningham
Ladies Captain - Hannah Buck
Ladies Vice-Captain - Steph Robinson
2nd team Captain - Chris Dennison then Kevin Briggs from July
2nd team Vice Captain - Nigel Gilbertson / Chris Dennison
“Frendlies” Captain - Responsibility of fixtures organiser

"Senior Fixtures "

The league and Cup senior fixtures have been released and are now on the club calander and fixtures pages. The ladies and junior fixtures have not been released yet.

"Groundsdays 2016 "

Could all players and supporters please come and try and make groundsday on Saturdays 2nd and 9th of April at 10 a.m

"Saxton Cricket Club AGM November 12th 2015 @ Pavillion"

Please could all try to make the AGM this year

"England World Cup Rugby Games at the pavillion"

Starting Friday the 19th, all the England rugby games will be shown on the big screen (sightscreen) up at the pavillion, Food and Beer will be on sale and we hope to see you there


Due to difficulties in finding a date that works for all we are postponing the 2015 dinner, that was originally due to be held in October, to a later date.

"Fault on Safari / IE"

Sorry about this, investigating and trying to fix

"Week 21 - Rain"

Dissapointingly both games were unable to escape the weather, but good fun was had down the pub dissecting the season.

"Complete Averages for the 2015 Season"

1st Team and 2nd Team averages up on the players section of the website to date here

Final Tables and results for the 1st Team are here

Final Tables and results for the 2nd Team are here

"New members of the awards boards"

Over the last few weeks we have seen some fantastic individual performances that have rightly got themselves on the clubs award boards.

New Member of the 50s Club - Nick Sowerby
New Member of the 50s Club - Hannah Buck

New Entry on List of Saxton Centuries - Steve Hills 114 vs South Milford
New Entry on 1st Team Century Partnerships - Steve Hills and Chris Borrowdale - 110 for the 4th Wicket
New Entry on 2nd Team Century Partnerships - Dave Buck and Chris Dennison - 146* for the 3rd Wicket
Joint Highest 2nds 3rd Wicket Partnership Ever - Dave Buck and Chris Dennison - 146* for the 3rd Wicket

"Week 21 - 1sts avoid Relegation / 2nds narrowly lose thriller "

Saxton 213 All Out (S Hills 114, J Potter 4 for 24)
South Milford 130 All Out

Saxton A 168/8 (H Buck 50)
South Milford A 175/5

"Week 20 - 1sts win key game / 2nds Conceded (Sorry Kippax...again)"

Saxton 202/8 (N Sowerby 78, J Potter 40*, I Cunningham 5 for 5)
Ledsham 110 all out

Saxton A - Conceded

"Week 19- 1sts stuffed, 2nds Drew..although Denno thinks it might dry up"

St Chads 273 for 6
Saxton 36 all out

Saxton 175 for 2 (C Dennison 71*, D Buck 56*)
Wetherby 46/2

"Week 18- 1sts Won, 2nds lost "

Saxton 177/7 (J Potter 48)
Crossgates 86 All Out

Church Fenton A 222/8
Saxton A 118 All out

"Week 17- Both lost "

Kirk Hammerton 213 All Out
Saxton 181 All Out (I Cunningham 69, S Hills 5 for 42?)

Saxton A 156/5 (D Buck 50*, W Kemp 50)
Long Marston 157//5

"Week 16- 1sts Drew, 2nds lost "

Saxton 60 odd for 4 (G Bottomley 41 ish ?) then it rained
Long Marston

Saxton A 90 Odd for 9
Crom Park 90 odd for 2

"Week 15- 1sts Won, 2nds lost "

Saxton 168 all out (G Bottomley 46, I Cunningham 5 for 29, J Potter 4 for 45)
East Keswick 132 all out

Saxton 166/8 (H Buck 44, D Buck 4 for 54)
Shadwell 218/8

"Week 14- 1sts Won Again!!!! 2nds lost "

Saxton 204 all out (S Hills 44)
Headingley 171/7

Saxton A 130/7 (D Buck 60*, K Briggs 4 for 28)
Walton Park 131/7

"Junior Festival 19th July"

The junior festival starts at 11:00 on SUnday. Please could i ask that all volunteers to try and get there from 1st thing in the morning to mark pitched / set-out / run league game. Thanks to Prak for organising and Nige for making the ground look fantastic.

"Week 13- 1sts Won!!!! 2nds lost "

Saxton 217/9 (Matt Ball 71, Steve Hills 4/17)
Thorner 123 All Out

East Keswick A 173 All Out
Saxton A 159/3 (James Leonard 47*)

"Week 12 - 1sts Lost, 2nds Won..."

Saxton 149 All out (Matt Ball 62)
Hillam 150/6

Hillam A 81 All out (Gareth Bottomley 55*, Guy williams 4 for 7)
Saxton A 82/1

"Week 11 - Both lost..."

Saxton 187 All out (Matt Ball 54, Ian Cunningham 45)
Rufforth 191/4

Old LeosA 149/8
Saxton A148 All out

"Week 10 - Both lost..."

Saxton 168 All out (Jon Potter 65)
South Milford 235/7

South Milford A 176/7
Saxton A 93 All out (Ian Cunningham 4 for 47)

"Week 9 - Both lost..."

Saxton 198 All out (Matt Ball 99)
Ledaham 202/5

Saxton A - has to concede due to bloody weather..apologies to Kippax

"Week 8 - Both lost..."

Saxton 127 All out (Matt Ball 44)
St Chads A 241/7

Wetherby A 125/8
Saxton A 124/9 (dave Buck 50, Ian Cunningham 4 for 26)

"Week 7 - Both lost..."

Saxton 141 All out (Matt Ball 54)
Crossgates 146/8

Church Fenton A 184/9
Saxton A 69 All out (Ian Cunningham 5 for 72)

"Week 6 - 1st lost / 2nds Won"

Saxton 136 All out (Matt Ball 51)
Kirk Hammerton 138/1

Saxton 168 All Out (Ian Cunningham 84 and 4 for 15)
Long Marston 131/9

"Week 5 - Both lost...not the best of weekends"

Saxton 149/5 (Matt Ball 56*)
Long Marston 150/2

Saxton A 48 All Out
Crom Park 49/3

"Week 4 - 1st lost / Too wet for the seconds"

Saxton 118 All out (Jon Potter 43)
East Keswick 119/3

"Stats Centre"

The Stats Centre is back up and running for 2015. Thanks to Gareth. Results to follow regulary

Stats Centre

"A new centurion"

Congratulations to Chris Dennison in scoring his 1st hundred for the club. It looks to be the 25th highest score in the last 25 years of the clubs history and the 1st one since Matt Balls 2x100s in the 2013 season.

To see all Saxton Centurions since 1990... Click Here

"Week 3 - 1st lost / 2nds Won"

Saxton 141 all out
Headingley 142/4

Saxton A 186/4 Chris Dennison108*
Walton Park 147/9

"Week 2 - 1st lost / 2nds Drew???"

Thorner 194/9 (Steve Hills 5/20, Danny Walsh 4/30)
Saxton 150 all out (Steve Hutton 50)

Saxton A 146/5
East Keswick A 142/4 Then it rained

"Week 1 - 1st lost / 2nds won"

Hillam 124 all out
Saxton 74 all out

Saxton A 159 All out (Ian Cunningham 50, Prak Veerasamy 40)
Hillam A 115 All out

Worth noting that Both Phil, Nigel and Al lead the league averages for bowling and catching after week 1!!!

"Saxton CC AGM"

The Annual General Meeting of the cricket club will take place in the village hall on Wednesday 14th January @ 7:30. It is important that all players and as many members attend, as we have a number of challenging issues for the 2015 season (Players / Club Officials / Finances / Maintenance) that we need to resolve over the next couple of months.

Please could you make an effort to share this with as many players / members / individuals as possible as am hoping for a large turn-out. I am hoping to move through a packed agenda quickly and could any AOB items be sent to me over the next week



"Senior Fixtures "

We now have the league fixtures for 2015. Junior fixtures / cup fixtures and friendlies to follow in due course.

First Team League Fixtures

Second Team League Fixtures

"Saxton Awards Boards"

These have now updated with the 2014 winners. Click Here to view them within Club History

Also included are the magnificent partnerships by Matt/Liam and Dave/Chris at the end of the season

"Next club meeting"

If you are wondering about the date of the AGM, due to work commitments and holidays of key members the AGM will be held in January. I will send out the data ASAP."

"Indoor Cricket "

If you want to play give Ian/Chris a call

Thurs 16th Oct -7:45 - Draw
Tues 21st Oct – 6:30 - Won
Thurs 30th Oct – 6:30 - Won
Mon 3rd Nov – 7:45 - Won
Tue 11th Nov – 9.00 - Didnt Play
Thurs 20th Nov -7:45 - Lost
Tues 25th Nov – 6:30 - Lost
Thurs 4th Dec – 6:30 - Won
Mon 8th Dec – 7:45 - Won
Tue 16th Dec – 9.00 - Lost

"2014 Award Winners"

1st Team Batting - Matt Ball
1st Team Bowling - John Potter
1st Team Fielding - Matt Ball
1st Team Players Player - John Potter
2nd Team Batting - Dave Buck
2nd Team Bowling - Ian Cunningham
2nd Team Fielding - Miles Lambert
2nd Team Players Player - Prak Veerasamy
Sixes Trophy - Liam Bishop
Champagne Moment - Danny Walsh
Junior of the Year - James Leonard
Clubman - Nigel Gilbertson

"Final League Tables and Scorecards"

For League returned scorecards see here:


For Legue Tables see here


"Club Positions for 2014"

Thank you for all those who made it for one of the shortest AGMs on record:

Chairman - TBC
Secretary - Ian Cunningham
Treasurer - Alan Tyson
Charity Trustees - Alan Tyson / Chris Dennison / Gareth Bottomley
Pavilion Manager - Mike Dennison
Fixtures Secretary - Chris Dennison
Social Secretary - Jane Dennison
Membership Secretary - Ian Cunningham
Groundstaff - Pete Snowdon / Alan Tyson / Nigel Gilbertson
Junior Welfare Officer - Dave Buck
U11s Coach - Vicky Hill (Tbc)
U9s Coach - Prak Veerasamy
1st team Captain - Jon Potter
1st team Vice Captain - Matt Ball
2nd team Captain - Ian Cunningham
2nd team Vice Captain - Nigel Gilbertson
Thursday Night Captain - TBC
Frendlies Captain - Chris Dennison

To see Club Rules agreed at AGM click here.
To see Club Constitution agreed at AGM click here.

"New Players"

Saxton cricket club are looking for a some new players for both of the senior teams and juniors of all ages. If you are interested in joining Saxton Cricket club and enjoying the benefits of a new pavilion, high quality square and outfield, and most importantly a great pub in the village please contactus@saxtoncc.co.uk

"2014 News Stories"

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